BMD Machine

BMD (Bone Mineral Density) is a proportion of bone thickness, mirroring the strength of bones as addressed by calcium content.

The BMD test performed using a BMD Machine in Maharashtra recognizes osteopenia (gentle bone misfortune, normally without side effects) and osteoporosis (more serious bone misfortune, which might cause symptoms).

Bone densitometry, likewise called double energy x-beam absorptiometry, DEXA or DXA, utilizes a tiny portion of ionizing radiation to create photos of the body (normally the lower (or lumbar) spine and hips) to gauge bone misfortune.

Leading BMD Machine Suppliers

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This test on BMD Machine expects practically no unique arrangement. Let your doctor and the technologist know if it is plausible you are pregnant or, on the other hand, if you as of late have a barium test or gotten an infusion of different material for a CT or radioisotope check.

Leave adornments at home and wear-free, happy with apparel. You shouldn't accept calcium supplements for somewhere around 24 hours before your test on BMD Machine.